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The Birth of the Mom-Approved Suit

We're obsessed with Annalee's test's to Mom Approve JVB's original Cami and String Bottom. This inspired us to partner for the Annalee x JVB collab. 

Whether your're applying sunscreen on squirmy toddlers, breast feeding, or packing up in a hurry - JVB swim moves with you so you can stay focused on your kids.

The Original Cami bikini top doubles an easy wear athleisure tank made from luxury swimwear deadstock, expertly engineered for comfort and security without any bands or wires. The low scoop back keeps the swimwear vibes. 

The string bikini bottom keeps everything in, while still feeling sexy with fuller coverage front and moderately cheeky back.

This set is still available and under $100 on sale right now.



Annalee in size L Original Cami in True Blue and L String Bikini Bottom in True Blue.

Check out all the colors!

See the originial video here until yours truly can embed it :)



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