To renovate the swimwear industry into zero waste practices.


    Classically trained in fashion with a degree specializing in design & production, Jillian started at a local boutique in Kansas City, stickering all of the gift bags for her first three shifts as a teenager. Scholarships, hardwork, and drive pushes her through design internships and a semester in the south of France, to graduate from Kansas State University. The program, ahead of the times, exercised sustainable and intentional practices, breeding a passion in Jillian of pushing collaboration and technology to move the industry into the next phase.


    Creating beautiful things beautifully evokes pride which we hope emanates when you wear JVB. Designs inspired through sourcing and life to utilize curated materials to fulfill intent, need, and ensure the product is, at the core, beautiful and unique. Follow JVBswim on Tik-Tok for insight into the JVB process of traditional methods like hand sketching and draping, to using the same technology as industry-leading brands in 3D development and collaborating technology to create a zero-waste circular loop.


    JVBswim's pillars of Integrity, Responsibility, and Empowerment are at the core of each decision.

    Integrity in our brand and company practices.

    Responsibility to the consumer to design & produce sustainably and intentionally for our planet and community's well-being.

    Empowerment to uplift our interactions, how we consume and empower you to feel good in JVB.