What's the V in JVB?

What's the V in JVB?


What is the V in JVB?

Jillian Von Beyer is an ode to heritage and the future.  Von is the old family name of the Beyers, before coming to America. Von is also symbolic of the vitality of the network and the relationship of coming together and growth 

JVBswim is a fun project, it's about the passion, the process, and the creativity; it's about the journey, the safari through whims and fancies. The brand is not created as a swimwear brand but as an incubator for design and creativity of adaptation of practices. It's about the fun, figuring out what you love, and growing. JVBswim is a youngling branch, in the beginning, growing and evolving with the tree. It is centered around having a product that desperately needs to be reshaped, facing the ecological opportunities it provides for our sustainable future. To study and build a practice, to expand the practice through the consumer base, and to evolve the industry. There are better ways, and we are here to find them.

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